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Here it is, my new guitar. A home made slide guitar.

I’ve made it myself with two wooden strips and a Danish cookies box. Yeah, It rocks!

I’ll show you  how it’s made with photographs of the process on the next entry.


As you can see, the bridge is a ceramic fuse. The key simply has magic powers.

The head shows you the constant mutation between the bird that announces death and the rabbit that only stares at you.

Don’t look at the lady’s log, It’s not for sale.

Here is where the inspiration talks to me, don’t try to understand the drawings.

The strings cut the wood because of the tension so I’ve put springs from old lighters inside the holes as you can see in the photograph. I’m looking for a better mechanism, all ideas are welcome.

I’ve put a leather cushion on the back because the back of the box was awful and now It has a good vintage style. The neck is signed up with fire!

The End

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